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Translators deal with the written word. They translate written text from one language to another.

Translators provide accurate renditions of the source text in the target language. Accurate is defined for this purpose as optimal and complete, without distortion or omission and preserving the content and intent of the source message or text. Translators are able to provide an accurate and complete rendition of the source message using the skills and understanding they have acquired through their training and education. (AUSIT, Code of Ethics, 5.1)

Subtitlers deal with the written word and, in addition, need to respect what can be seen in the video that is accompanied by the subtitles. They translate the script from one language to another and at the same time attempt to express the full meaning as efficiently as possible to allow the audience to read the subtitles and also watch the visuals.

Subtitlers need to respect existing constraints of character per line and reading speed conventions.


Topics &


I translate and subtitle in a range of topics: mindfulness, happiness research, health food, travel, and environment are my main specialisations.

The clients of Mindful Translations are educators, researchers, creative entrepreneurs, speakers, journalists, digital marketers, and organisations.

Types of texts

& media

I translate books (fiction & non-fiction),  magazine articles, blog entries, recipes, talks, websites, brands & copy, and marketing materials. 

My subtitling work covers documentaries, talks, podcasts, e-courses, webinars, films, and more.



"I was so completely impressed by all of Nina’s questions. It made me feel so good to know that she is so invested. She works very thoroughly and I would definitely work with her again."

Jennifer A. Thomas,

author of The Widow and the Rock Star



I am a member of the translators association Australia

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