by Nina Gruenewald

I provide expert translations and subtitles about wellness, mindfulness, the environment, travel and food.

English into German

Bowl of Berries

Bowl of Berries

One Tree Planted-61

One Tree Planted-61

Yoga by the Pool

Yoga by the Pool

Rock Maze

Rock Maze

Old Globe

Old Globe

Health Food





MINDFUL TRANSLATIONS is about sharing your knowledge about mindful living, mindfulness and happiness research, slow travelling, healthy eating, and environment –with a German audience.


I am your German translator for articles, books, brochures, products, websites, blogs and magazines, and more bringing along my personal approach and enthusiasm for detail.


helps support global reforestation.

this service plants one tree mindful tra


When it comes to translation and subtitling, you don't only want an expert in translation or subtitling; you want an expert in your field. You want someone who is educated and has work experience in your specific area.


Nina Gruenewald has been practising mindfulness and yoga since 2009 and around half of her extensive reading consists of books about mindfulness practices and happiness research, including Self-Development literature.

Healthy Eating

Apart from Nina Gruenewald's devotion to good and healthy food in her private life, she has also worked as a cook in several restaurants in Canberra and volunteered as a kitchen chef in Sweden, plannning and realising a healthy vegan/gluten-free menu every week. She studies cookbooks like literature and follows, and educates herself on various food trends.


She has extensive experience in travelling across Europe and Australia, regularly reads about travelling and travel destinations and has translation experience through National Geographic's "Out of Eden Walk" translation project.

Why do you need a human translator?

You can just use Google Translate, right?

– Said nobody ever. *I wish*

Think about it this way:


  • What is your work worth to you?

  • How many hours, days, months have you spent building your business?

  • How much research did it take you to craft that speech, that book, that copy, that e-course?



You don't want a translation off the rack. You don't want a machine to take care of the business that you built so carefully. Your work and research deserve the respect and care that only a human can give. 


"Nina was referred to me by a friend in Helsinki. We needed to translate an entire website from English to German and we needed it to be professional and on topic too. I am happy we choose to work with Nina as we got exactly what we wanted. She is professional, knowledgeable and hard working. She put the extra effort to research our industry and the German-speaking markets we are targeting so the language and message are consistent throughout the DACH area. The result was a beautiful, meaningful and professional translated website. We are constantly updating our English version and our collaboration with Nina is ongoing. Can only heartwarmingly recommend her services."

Constantin Buda


"We were impressed with both Nina’s translation quality and professionalism. She was responsible for the German localization for one of our flagship games. She is a highly professional translator, always communicative about deadlines and potential translation issues and bringing our localization quality to the next level."

Brian Bies

Project Manager at Lilith Games

"We are very happy with the work Nina did on the Closed Caption project. The quality of her work is outstanding and she is always available to help us. It is a pleasure collaborating with her in our projects."

Beatriz Parejo Lucas

Project Manager at ComTranslations



"I was so completely impressed by all of Nina’s questions. It made me feel so good to know that she is so invested. She works very thoroughly and I would definitely work with her again."

Jennifer A. Thomas, author of

"The Widow and the Rock Star"

I love my job

that is why I also volunteer

to share knowledge, ideas, and stories



I am a member of the translators association Australia

Get in touch with me today about your translation project!


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